Monday, July 24, 2017

How To DIY Sidewalks

The cement company will know what to do when you tell them the cement is for a sidewalk repair Bronx NY. They'll ask you for the dimensions of your project and they will figure out the amount of cement needed. Cement is figured and marketed by square yards. Let's take our dimension as an example. Our sidewalk repair Bronx NY is thirty feet long, four feet wide, and four inches deep. Our square footage is 120 square feet by four inches deep. Let's convert this to square yards by dividing 120 from 27. There are 27 cubic feet in a square yard. This gives us 4.44 square yards, but we have to divide that by 3 since the pavement isn't a foot thick, it's only four inches, which can be a third of a foot. Our final number is about one and a half yards of cement needed to pour the sidewalk repair Bronx NY. The purchase price of cement varies by location, but if you live fairly close, you need to be able to get it for around $90 each yard.
sidewalk repair bronx ny

Now, we're ready to pour the sidewalk repair contractors in Bronx New York. The cement truck will pour the cement, however, you will need to shovel it about to get it even contrary to the forms. You will have to get the cement evenly into the forms. Jab the cement consistently to break any air bubbles. When the cement is where you desire it, you'll have to make it smooth. It is possible to buy a screen or you can just use a level 2X4 to run upon the surface of the cement. This will make it basically smooth.

As soon as you have the surface fairly smooth, you will need to use a float or a long trowel to deliver the nice cement to the surface. This is going to make a very smooth surface and also will make the rougher aggregate substance sink under the surface. You will want let this dry for a few hours before brushing the surface using a store broom. Brushing will provide the sidewalk repair contractor Bronx some traction so that you don't slide on the surface. Be careful to not overdo the brushing.

After about three days, you can eliminate the forms and start to back fill the edges of the sidewalk repair Bronx so that they are with the yard or floor. Ideally, we like to have the negative walk about a half inch greater than the lawn.

For the last step in the pavement process, we will need to cut sections in the cement so it does not crack with the flow of the ground underneath. You can lease a concrete cutter or use a concrete blade on a circular saw and cut across the sidewalk repair Bronx NY every ten feet or so. This will give the Bronx sidewalk repair flexibility during expansion and contraction of the soil.

That is basically how to make your own DOT sidewalk violation Bronx. We can usually save about two-thirds the cost of a professionally poured DOT sidewalk violation Bronx by doing this all ourselves.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents on a Sidewalk

Sidewalk repair Manhattan NY are everywhere. They're in small cities and large towns. These sidewalk repair contractor in Manhattanare made to be utilized by pedestrians, and they possess the directly to correctly utilize these sidewalk repair Manhattan NY. One problem with Dot sidewalk violation repair Manhattan , however, is that their entrepreneurs often neglect to keep them to prevent injuries including ease and fall involving people.

Whether you're having a discretion walk or acquiring your puppy to get a walk around the block, you must examine when the pavement you are walking on is safe and precisely maintained from the operator. Generally, the government and also the house owner next to the Dot sidewalk violation repair Manhattan have the effect of the preservation of the sidewalk repair Manhattan NY. Homeowners are mandated to create public sidewalk repair contractor in Manhattan safe by removing any possible threat to people.
sidewalk repair contractor Manhattan

National, state, and regional regulations mandate that entrepreneurs must repair uneven, broke, or any disability on the sidewalk repair contractor in Manhattan to prevent slip and fall accidents. Risky circumstances, for example, slippery sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York, increased bits of sidewalk repair Manhattan, slippery or watery Dot sidewalk violation repair Manhattan, potholes, along with other obstructions bring about to fall, excursion, and fall incidents.
Whenever a pedestrian tucked and dropped on the sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York, she or he may undergo ankle injuries, broken bones, throat injuries, bruises, again injuries, and head injuries. In the event it occurs to you personally, you should seek medical attention quickly. It is also important that you take pictures of the scene of the accident and the injuries caused by the crash. Take note that accountable homeowners typically hide their neglect following a walking gets hurt on the areas.

A people who experienced injuries as a result of a slide on a pavement may be ready for compensation. A target of such event should protect medical records and photographs of the incidents. Such documentations have become vital if the victim negotiates money using the property-owner or an insurance carrier. In any event that the case proceeds to test by jury, such documentations are crucial to the results of the situation. The target must always remember that only settlement can only just be provided within the event the opposition is found liable for the unsafe Manhattan sidewalk repair.

Crashes for example moving and slipping on a risky pavement are quite embarrassing and unpleasant. It's more uncomfortable, nevertheless, if the target does not get a just settlement for the incidents due to the crash. If you then become a victim, you must find appropriate help from an experienced injury lawyer. Talking with legal counsel is definitely the key to eliminating the ache and distress caused by a responsible house owner.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Improving upon its predecessors with a massive 100W power output and larger size, the GOAL ZERO NOMAD 100 charges smartphones, USB devices, or power packs off the grid. It will directly charge small electronic devices at your campsite or even when hung on your pack as you hike in the sunlight. The folding design saves space for easy storage and transport, and also offers some added protection for the panels. The unit features a built-in charging cable for optional Goal Zero Sherpa Power Packs and Yeti Solar Generators, all of which are compatible.

Using an optional MC-4 branch connector/adapter cable, you can chain 3 or 4 Nomad 100 panels together for a huge increase in power and decrease in charging times. In this configuration, voltage will increase but amperage will remain the same so as to cause less electrical friction and heat. It's not recommended to plug chained Nomad 100s into a Goal Zero Sherpa or Yeti. The solar panel does not hold a charge itself, but rather, produces power only when exposed to sunlight--so be sure to connect it to a power pack if you want to store power. Cloud coverage and the angle of the panels can impact performance, so avoid the shade and don't attempt to use the unit indoors. The Nomad is highly weather-resistant and safe for exposure to rain or snow, but not waterproof.

Panel Type - Monocrystalline cell
Power Output -  100 W, 18-22 V, 8 A
2x Panels Chained:  28-44 V, up to 8 A
3x Panels Chained:  42-66 V, up to 8 A
4x Panels Chained:  56-88 V, up to 8 A

Charge Time 

Yeti 150: 3-6 h
Yeti 400: 8-16 h
Yeti 1250: 24-48 h

Connectors 8 mm Male Solar Port Output (built-in cable): 14-22 V, up to 8 A (100 W max)
MC-4 Male/Female (for chaining panels together): 14-22 V, up to 8 A (100 W max)
Dimensions Unfolded: 20.5 x 59.5 x 1.0" / 52.0 x 151.1 x 2.5 cm
Folded: 20.5 x 15.5 x 2.0" / 52.0 x 39.4 x 5.1 cm
Weight 10.2 lb / 4.6 kg

Packaging Info

Package Weight 12.0 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 23.3 x 18.0 x 3.0"

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Guest Post: Handmade Quilt Making in 1933

In the spring of 1933 my great grandmother, Effie Bernice Hunt, began a labor of love at her kitchen table: a 25 week-long handmade quilt making project of 25 applique quilt blocks. Each handmade quilts block featured a different flower beloved in the Pacific Northwest and ranged from the camellia, to the gladiolus to bluebells. The patterns were published weekly in the Sunday Oregonian newspaper. A full 60 years later I assembled those fragile polished cotton, handmade quilt blocks into the gorgeous finished "Modernistic Flower Applique Quilt." Effie had very thoughtfully tucked the directions in among the completed applique quilt blocks for the final quilt assembly. What a beautiful handmade quilt and portrait of the past she bequeathed to me!

The family story goes that the heart or Effie's handmade quilt making operation, and she made many applique quilts and patchwork quilts, was at the kitchen table in front of her beloved, huge radio set stationed smack in the middle of everything. My particular applique quilt was gradually given birth to over a weekly basis beginning in the spring of 1933. While the entire family's life revolved around that kitchen "command center," my father remembers being shooed out to play when his grandmother claimed her "alone time." The kitchen resolutely became off limits but for handmade quilt making and radio time!

Effie set aside this time daily to work on the weekly handmade quilt block, to soak up her favorite radio dramas and to listen to the world's breaking news. She is remembered as being a history buff and a news junkie! Imagine some of the awareness sewn into my handmade quilts: in 1933 Hitler became the German chancellor, the Nazi's began their reign of terror, Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as President of the United States and the New Deal was launched. Postage for a letter then was only 3 cents too!

So, on May 28,1933 the Sunday newspaper published the first weekly applique quilt block pattern: "The Tulip," "associated with Holland and spring and brilliance of hue...the tulip may be made one of the most colorful in the quilt." Buff or black were the suggested color choices for the basis of the handmade quilt blocks and I love how she chose black. The colors of the flowers are so vivid and striking on this background that they literally jump out from the applique quilt.

On Sunday, June 25th, applique quilt block #5 was published: "The Nasturtium." It pictures two yellow spurred blossoms with one head-on view and another viewed from the side. My favorite part of this handmade quilt block are the three plump, round leaves which are so identifiable with the nasturtium plant. I have grown these flowers for years because the flowers are so delicious to eat in salads!

On Sunday, July 30th, applique quilt block #10 was published: "The Bluebell." The quilter is advised to make the blue bells light in color for conspicuousness and to make the stitching a darker blue. The stitching used to connect the bells to the stem and to form the stamens is to be orange. For some reason Effie did not connect the bells to the stem with orange stitching but left them free floating. Perhaps this was more modern to her eye?

Almost two months later on October 1, applique quilt block # 19 was published: "The Morning Glory." The handmade quilt designer wrote that this flower was included " enable the user of the applique quilt who retires with the poppy (handmade quilt block # 16) to greet the day with the morning glory! Following in Effie's footsteps and being a history buff myself, I can imagine that while sewing this handmade quilt block Effie could have been listening to news stories about the repeal of prohibition -- what a contrast!

And so, here is just a small historical vignette about my great grandmother's personal context and the art of handmade quilt making in the 1930's. What a wonderful gift and historical portrait Effie left behind. I feel so lucky to daily gaze upon this beautiful "Modernistic Flower Applique Quilt" and to be reminded of her life and the world as she knew it.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Your Business Can Be Boring But Your Marketing Can't

Tesla, Virgin Galactic and Oculus all have something in common: They build sexy products and the media loves to give them coverage. Most businesses are more mundane. They lack the flash and sizzle inherent in an industry such as space travel. Because these companies don't have a built-in marketing advantage, they companies have to get creative if they want the media to shower them with love.

For example, consider the self-storage industry. Could there be a more boring business? The building is shaped like a box. Inside are box-shaped rooms, each filled with boxes that customers leave there for years. Not exciting. Yet the industry hit gold when "Storage Wars" became the most popular show in A&E’s history. The series attracted millions of viewers and brought attention to an industry that pop culture previously had ignored.

Not quite boring enough? Here's another: flowchart software. It’s one of those things no one thinks about until he or she needs it. That's precisely the challenge Lucid Software faced when marketing its flagship product, Lucidchart. The cloud-based platform helps users create flowcharts. It’s sophisticated technology, but unless you're an engineer, it isn't likely to raise your pulse.

“We had to find a way to change how people think about diagramming,” Lucid PR head Jackson Carpenter said. “So our marketing team decided to see if we could attach the brand to trending stories by making flowcharts for superfans and pop-culture geeks -- people like us.”

The company since has made flowcharts for topics ranging from Star Wars and fantasy football to Dungeons and Dragons. Flowcharts created in Lucidchart have been featured in The Huffington Post, Gizmodo, ScreenRant and more. The marketing campaign itself earnedecognition from the Utah Marketing Awards and produced more than 2 million views for Lucid Software in seven months. Not bad for a boring little software company from the Beehive State.

What lessons can the rest of us take from Lucid’s success?

Think bigger than your product.

If your product isn’t newsworthy on its own, don’t pitch the product. Instead, tie it to something bigger and more exciting. Lucid used movie premieres, sporting events and video-game releases to create relevant content that major outlets were sure to pick up.

Build it for the grassroots.

At the beginning of the campaign, Lucid’s staff of active Redditors shared content on their favorite subreddits. Because they were involved with the communities they were making content for, they knew what their audience would love. When a flowchart took off on Reddit, the team knew it wouldn’t be long before the press would follow.

Remember the end game.

Lucid’s campaign -- while lighthearted and fun -- served two very specific business purposes. First, it showed people who'd never thought about diagramming software how versatile flowcharts are as a medium for conveying complex ideas. Second, it helped drive traffic back to Lucid's website, where the company was able to register new users and capture email addresses for future marketing campaigns.

If you think your business is boring, look at how other “boring” businesses are promoting themselves. If self-storage facilities and flowchart-software companies can make themselves interesting, you're out of excuses for not finding a hook to tell your own business' story.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Think You're a Good Speaker?

If you desire to be a truly professional public speaker, don't make the same mistake that Steve from Florida made. I'm calling him "Steve from Florida" because I'm a Howard Stern fan. Steve is a real person and this is a real story. Steve's name is Steve, but he's not from Florida. Steve from Florida doesn't really know me and I doubt he remembers me. That’s the problem. He should. I certainly know him.

Steve was the speaker before me at a conference of regional bankers recently. He wasn't a bad speaker. He seemed to know his topic. Of course, he should. Steve from Florida's company provides financial management consulting services, products and training for CEOs and managers.

Yeah, Steve from Florida knows his stuff. He's been doing it for decades and his company has some pretty big clients. Good for him. What's surprising is that on his website he also represents himself as a professional speaker with lots of experience giving keynotes and workshops. You wouldn’t know it from the presentation I saw him give. It’s not that his content or delivery was bad. It’s because Steve from Florida made the mistake that every amateur speaker makes: he spoke too long.

At the bankers’ conference, Steve was scheduled to speak from 9:00 AM until 10:15 AM, followed by a fifteen-minute break, after which I was scheduled to speak for an hour beginning at 10:30 AM to close out the conference. Things didn't go that way. Steve talked, and talked, and talked some more. When 10:10 rolled around, and he should've been wrapping things up, he kept talking. Steve was still talking at 10:20 despite the meeting organizer's polite-yet-frantic waves from the back of the room. Sensing the mood of the room but feeling compelled to squeeze everything in, Steve rushed through his 10 remaining slide. Eventually, Steve- the-experienced speaker wrapped things up at 10:27... a full 12 minutes over his allotted time.

Thanks, Steve.

As a result, the 150 attendees were grudgingly asked to take a shorter break (which they didn't because when nature calls, nature calls). When I was ultimately brought on to do my presentation, I had less than 45 minutes remaining to do my 60-minute presentation. The meeting organizer apologized on Steve’s behalf and graciously said I could also go over my allotted time. But, c’mon…that would mean keeping these poor people beyond the stated end of the conference. Who likes to do that? Instead, I hurriedly adjusted my presentation materials so I could finish at the right time. Steve didn't care. He didn't apologize to me or the attendees for going over. Hey…it’s Steve's world and we just happen to live in it.

Do you speak? Then speak professionally.

Professional speakers are disciplined. They are respectful of the time they are allotted to speak. Speakers like me (and definitely Steve) have big egos. We love to hear ourselves talk. But the best ones know that there's a limit. They understand that it's not just their time, it's everyone's time. Taking 15 extra minutes to hear the glory of your own voice means you're causing disruption, inconvenience and great annoyance to the meeting organizer, her attendees and the next speaker who now must decide whether to further upset the audience or cut back on the content that he was paid to deliver in order to keep things on track.

When you're a professional speaker it's not about you. It's about your audience. It's about delivering valuable information in an entertaining way during the time allotted. It's about respect for others. Good speakers know this. Amateur speakers who incorrectly think of themselves as professionals like Steve from Florida need to learn this. I don't really care if he does. But I hope you do.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to Get to the Next Level in Anything

Do you want to get to that next level of whatever it is you are doing? Attitude alone can take you to that next level. In sales, your product can be shopped. Maybe not your exact product, but something similar. A great attitude can’t be shopped. Price can be beaten, but a great attitude is priceless.

If I scream and threaten another person, what would you expect them to do? They’ll flee or fight. If I’m positive and agreeable, sooner or later it will start to melt away another’s negativity. This is because a positive attitude is contagious. The ability to stay positive despite negativity around you requires mental muscle. “Great”, “super”, “excellent”, “love it”, “no problem”, “I’d be happy” -- these are the phrases you need to get to that next level, both in sales and life.

Here are three things to remember about a great attitude:

1. A great attitude is worth more than a great product.

People will pay more for an agreeable, positive, great experience than they will for a great product. Show me someone who doesn’t want to feel good, and I’ll show you a person you don’t even want to bother selling. People want to feel good. There will always be a market for products that make people feel good. A person who can make someone else feel good can sell almost anything. An individual who can combine a great product with a great attitude becomes unstoppable.

A positive attitude is more important than the product you are selling. People spend a small amount of their paycheck on the necessities of life and blow the rest on entertainment. Why? They want to feel good. Why does Jimmy Fallon make more than all the school teachers in LA? Because he makes people feel good. People want to be entertained. It’s easy for a buyer -- your prospect -- to say "no" to a product, but difficult to say "no" to a positive experience with another human. When something feels good, you want more of it. Money flows out of my pocket when I feel good.

Instant gratification things like food, drugs, alcohol and gambling will always sell because people will pay to feel good for a moment. People will spend money on things that make them feel good before buying things that satisfy their needs. It explains debt levels and why people spend more on entertainment than on education. The media pounds negativity into people every day. Do you know how refreshing it is to meet someone positive and solution oriented? Someone smiling, laughing, not getting too intense and taking things personal? It’s refreshing. You have to know your product and take massive action, but if you’re taking massive action with a bad attitude, all you’re going to do is make a wreck of the marketplace. Be positive at all times and you will come out a winner. Attitude is senior to everything.

2. Treat people like millionaires.

Would you like to be a millionaire? Its all about attitude. You need to start treating your customers like millionaires. Treat them like they have money and they’ll spend money they don’t have. The decision-maker or not the decision-maker, treat them like a millionaire. Treat them like a millionaire whether they 15-years-old or 50-years-old.

People act the way you treat them. Imagine you have a customer who is broke and out of work, who can’t get financing. How should you treat him? Treat him like a millionaire. He just filed bankruptcy but one day he’ll be back on his feet. If they don’t have it now, they’ll spend it with you when they do have it.

When I just got out of college I was selling cars. This customer walked in to buy a truck and pretty much told me he didn’t want to pay anything over invoice. That doesn’t make sense. If we sold everything at cost we’d make no money and couldn’t service customers. But it made sense to him, so I agreed with him. I knew that attitude is more important than product or price. I believed I could change his mind in the close. I treated him like he had a million dollars. Treat them good and they will act good. He bought from me, and he spent more than he expected to spend that day.

3. You are a product of your environment.

You are what you surround yourself with. This includes people, beliefs, TV, magazines, friends, movies, hobbies, interests, family. Everything you are involved with influences your environment. The condition of your mind influences you. The media gets you thinking about things you otherwise wouldn’t think about. You need to protect your attitude. Take preventative steps against things that will bring you down. Attitudes, good and bad, are contagious. You’ve got to learn how to control your attitude, stay positive and change the attitudes of others!

Here are some tips to have a great attitude and take your life to the next level:

1. Avoid newspapers, TV and radio.

2. Stay away from “can’t do” people.

3.Get everyone in your life on the same page with where you are going.

4. Avoid drugs and alcohol.

5. Stay away from hospitals and doctors.

6. No negative talk.

7. Start a negativity diet.

If you’re not getting paid what you want, and you know you’re doing what you need to do, attitude is probably a part of the problem. If you want a bigger paycheck get a bigger attitude, a bigger smile, bigger happiness, and bigger positive responses. Thoughts proceed actions, and your actions control your life. Get your attitude right, and come to 10X GrowthCon and let's get you to that next level.